Why You Shouldn't Try Drugs! Teen and Parent's Survival Guide - Special Issue Spring 2013 Issue, 21st Edition

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   By: Marc Champagne,
   Marketing Specialist and Musician
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What's Your Passion?

You may have heard this one from a teacher or maybe a parent or most likely a potential employer. What’s your pas·sion?

(noun) pronounced “pash’n”. As defined in the dictionary “a strong liking or enthusiasm for a subject or activity”.

I have a passion for many things, but where did I find this thing they call ‘passion’? Throughout my life, I did not even know I was passionate about something until someone asked what it was that I was passionate about. I like many things in life like going out fishing, listening to music, and reading a good mystery novel, but I am truly passionate about only a few such as listening to The Hip, fishing for small mouth bass, playing my acoustic guitar and yes, my chosen profession which is publishing.

I learned to play guitar when I was 14 and by no means was I or am I a ‘real musician’, but I do love and I have a passion to play my guitar. When I was 14, I learned some basic cords which gave me the confidence to play some of the music from the likes of Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens and the Beatles. I realized pretty soon that I did not possess the skills to replicate their music or sing the lyrics as good as I wanted to. Then one day while playing my guitar, I wrote down some words that encompassed the feelings that my moody teen persona was going through and realized I really liked writing lyrics and, in fact, became passionate about writing my own songs.

The toughest thing I learned about my new found passion was actually believing enough in myself to sing and play in front of my friends instead of playing for my trusty ole mirror who never showed any emotions and never did give me the standing ovation I was dreaming of getting. LOL So, I practiced night and day and as I gained confidence in my guitar playing, controlling my voice, which was doing that weird teenage guy thing, I also came to believe that I could play in front of my peers. The coolest thing about writing and singing my own songs was that I found out that a lot of people really identified with the lyrics I wrote and liked what my songs sounded like.

After practicing on my friends and with a new found level of confidence, I took to my high school stage for my one and only public gig and opened for the 1970’s Canadian rock band ‘Scrubbaloe Caine’. What was I thinking! After literally shaking in my boots, I settled down and played four or five of my best rehearsed songs and subsequently received accolades from the band as well as lots of applause and back slapping from my friends and peers (I didn’t even have to pay them) plus I had offers from a couple of rock bands.

I came to realize that by playing my guitar in front of my peers, I had developed a level of confidence in myself that I had lacked previously and decided then to explore my other hidden talents and other passion’s that magically morphed and ultimately led me to the world of sales and publishing.

Now I ask you, ’What are you passionate about’?

Take your passion and make it into a reality!

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Summer Song


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Feeling Blue - A Song for Sid



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