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   By: Roger Vokey, Lawyer
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Succeed Passionately

One of the ways to lead a successful and happy life is to immerse oneself into activities about which we are passionate. However, as a young adult, the world can seem like a Kaleidoscope of colors of choices. Sometimes it is confusing and difficult to know and recognize what it is that we like. Even more challenging is identifying those activities about which we are passionate. From the choice of clothes to wear in the morning to life changing decisions about career, recognizing those things which make us feel alive and excited is a skill that is not instinctive, but rather is learned.

The first technique in finding oneís passion is to learn to listen to oneís own emotions. A little quiet time each day is necessary for us all to be able to feel or analyze what has taken place on any given day; focusing on our inner self may help us to pinpoint those things that are closest to our heartís desire. Quiet time also aids us to avoid confusing and distracting stimulation that take us away from ourselves.

Passion for an activity begins as a point of light inside ourselves that may expand slowly or quickly. Before long, any clouds of disappointment, sadness and other difficult emotions will dissolve like a shadow gives way to sunlight. At least while engaged in that activity or while spending time with a particular person, we feel joyous, alive and filled with energy. Recognizing our passions is acknowledging that beam of light inside of us and of which we are all capable.

Movies and stories are filled with young people struggling against established norms to follow their passions. At all times, it is advisable to balance the activities of which you are passionate and those which will build your life. I am a passionate golfer, but it was clear that I was not going to make a living at golf. However, I play twice a week and while playing I am happy and focused. Sometimes the passions for an activity can become a career; however, sound judgment is required in evaluating whether our passion for certain activities can become a career.

No matter what one does for a living, it is imperative to always try to make time for those activities that make our heart stir and boosts our love of life and our energy levels to live it.

May we always live in the path of passion for life and all the wonders that this world has to offer.

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